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I had known for a long time that I had to do something about my weight. I had no energy, physically there were things that I either couldn’t do or had much more difficulty than the average size person would. But the reality was I love to eat, pop is one of my biggest weaknesses and exercise seemed like too much of a chore. Something had to be done. That’s where Vitality Health comes in. I knew all 3 clinicians from working together in the past. When I found out Dr Parente was opening Vitality Health I was so excited. Having seen his care & knowledge in the ER I knew he was someone I could trust. I made an appointment as soon as they were open. From the moment I stepped in the door I felt cared about, not judged and that I would have supporters during my weight loss journey. They don’t do fad diets and they understand that we are all real people and occasions are going to come up when we don’t eat like we should. However, after working with Alana (who is so sweet and encouraging) she taught me how to get back on track and to not let those times drag me down. The facility is beautiful and someone always has a warm welcome and smile when you walk in the door. I have lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks and quite a bit of body fat. They provide you with additional information and suggestions each month when you go in to help you with any problem areas or aspects you might be struggling with. I have no doubt if I hadn’t have had the push by going to Vitality Health that I would not be where I am today going down this weight loss journey. I still have a long way to go but I have no doubt with their help & encouragement that I can accomplish my goals!

~ TC

Extremely pleasant and knowledgable staff. Clean and comfortable facilities. A great first experience with Vitality Health.

~ SR

A great staff that is dedicated to helping people achieve their personal wellness.

~ JM

I have finally found my aesthetician “Home Group”! Five stars all the way, from the first telephone call for an appointment to the follow-up on services received.

Reception/Office: Friendly, professional and efficient
Services: One-stop shopping. If you can’t get it here, they haven’t made it yet.
Tech Assistant: Kim is the best. Friendly, professional, excellent at her job.
PA Alana Mercer: I would trust PA Mercer with any up-to-the-minute aesthetic procedure or treatment, however complex. She has a fine eye for aesthetics and a solid medical background, assuring the best treatment available.
She is also lovely to work with.
Results: I couldn’t be happier. Natural, beautiful results. “You, only better.”


Never going anywhere else again. So nice to have finally found The Place. 

~ CB

Vitality Health is a great company. Alana, Sara and the rest of the staff is fantastic. I took advantage of the Free Men’s Fitness analysis during the month of July. My wife had kidded me saying “nothing is free”. However, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical, but went anyhow. In the end, Alana provided me with a ton of information, identified a “red flag” in my blood work that would have gone unnoticed and may have become a problem in time, and made me feel welcome and comfortable. Here’s the Kicker: There was no high pressure sales tactic. At no time did Alana pressure to purchase an ancillary program or product. It was purely informational, and it was clear she only had MY best interests in mind. For this reason, I recommend Vitality to anyone in need of Physician Guided Weight loss, Testosterone Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Fillers, etc.

~ DB

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Clean office with state of the art equipment. I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness!

~ KK

Every level of amazing. Alana did an awesome job and the staff is so professional and personable. Have been and will be back. Highly recommended.

~ CW

A good business trying to make things better for others. Cares about their customers and will work hard to satisfy you and your needs.

~ EM

Very impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. The laser hair removal is with minimal discomfort. Overall, great experience. I highly recommend the services provided at Vitality Health.

~ KM

I was extremely impressed by quality of service at Vitality Health. Everyone was friendly and very professional. I got spider vein removal and the results are amazing – they are gone! I will definitely go back for other services!

~ AF

Started with laser hair removal and ended up doing weight loss as well. I’m down 50 pounds and feel amazing. I have tried all sorts of diets and plans and this is the first thing that has really worked. Just awesome!

~ JT

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