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L A S E R  S E R V I C E S

Our new Candela GentleMax Pro is here to provide you state-of-the-art treatments with minimal discomfort and amazing results. The 755 nm and 1064 nm wavelength technology goes beyond hair removal to treat wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.


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Laser hair removal uses beams of highly concentrated light that are targeted at hair follicles. The follicles absorb the light, which in turn destroys unwanted hair from legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, face or other areas. The light pulses take seconds and can treat several hairs at once while leaving the skin undamaged.

Treatments are completed every 5 weeks. An average of 8 treatments is typically needed to reach desired results. 

Regrowth can be managed with touch-up treatments every 6-12 months.



The GentleMax Pro is proven effective in reducing the appearance of pigmented areas, including age spots, sun damage and more. The laser uses high-intensity light to penetrates deep into skin where it is absorbed by the unwanted melanin. This treatment delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to breaks down the unwanted pigmentation.


Following treatment, pigment usually darkens as the shattered melanin particles are broken down by the body.

The average patient requires a series of 1 to 3 treatments depending on the degree of hyperpigmentation.


 The GentleMax Pro Laser system safely and effectively treats vessels and spider veins by targeting red blood cells. A package of high efficacy treatments may be needed for optimal results. The GentleMax Pro laser uses a cooling agent to minimize patient pain during treatment.

Vascular Lesion treatments vary from patient to patient depending on the lesion location, type, and size. However, unlike other lesion treatment methods, this system reduce the likelihood and risk of scarring and skin texture change.



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