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12 Foods Fooling Us All – Happy April 1st

This April fool’s day, were lifting the vail on some other pranksters. While plenty of junk food aren’t fooling anyone, there are a # of other foods impostering as beneficial foods. Well the jig is up! Take a look at these 12 foods. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Granola: Many commercially prepared granolas are packed w/ fat, sugar and calories, which is not a great way to start your morning. Some of the fat is healthy from the nuts, but make sure to look at the serving size, chances are you are taking more than your fair share.

Vitamin Water: Not too far off from drinking soda, with 50 calories per serving and with 2 ½ servings per bottle, adds up to a grand total of 31g of sugar. Which is more than an entire day’s worth!

Muffins: While most folks believe a muffin is a better choice than a doughnut, a large blueberry muffin can have more than 500 calories and 26g of fat, while a medium glazed doughnut may only set you back 192 calories and 10g fat. Going whole grain is a better choice, but even a bran muffin can pack 375 calories and 10g fat.

Lunch Meat: A number of deli meats are packed w/ salt. Some varieties even have ½ of the daily value one needs in one serving size. Regular consumption has been linked to increased risks of pancreatic cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Kind Bars: While most of the components of a kind bar are beneficial on their own- fruits, nuts, maybe even a little dark chocolate, the sugar content in some varieties climb up to 16g of sugar. To give you an idea of how much this is, a women should only intake 25g of sugar daily. Not so kind after all.

Burger King Turkey Burger: While this isn’t a whopper, it’s not too far off. Burger King claims it’s a “healthy choice”, weighing in at a whopping 530 calories with 26g of fat and 11g of sugar.

McDonalds Oatmeal: What is offered is far from the natural, fruit filled dish that’s promised, and more like oats, sugar, sweetened dried fruit, cream, and 11 other weird ingredients that you wouldn’t even find in your kitchen.

Starbuck’s Egg White Wraps: An egg white omelet is a great idea- when it’s actually made with egg whites. The “egg whites” at Starbucks also include: whey powder, unmodified corn starch, nonfat dry milk, salt, butter flavoring, xantham gum, guar gum, liquid pepper extract, all for a grand total of 11 ingredients other than egg whites.

Sports Drinks: It’s true that after very vigorous exercise you have to replenish your body with water and nutrients. But you can probably get away with doing it on a lot less sugar. Traditional sports drinks as in Gatorade or PowerAde contain 12-34g of sugar. And most of us aren’t pushing our bodies to the point we need all the extra calories, sugars and salts.

Foods labeled Natural: There is actually no FDA guideline for what can and cannot be labeled as natural. It’s only a ploy to sell more products, that’s working.

Store/ Restaurant bought smoothies: These have lots of unwanted ingredients, a lot add in ice cream and concentrated fruit juice AKA sugar. Go for a homemade smoothie with fresh fruit and plain yogurt.

Gluten Free: Everyone is jumping on the Gluten free train and not for medical reasons. But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s heathier. A gluten free dessert may not contain wheat, but it’s still packed with calories and sugars.

Interested in finding out more nutritional information, at Vitality Health we teach you all the information you need to be on top of your wellness and weight loss goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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