Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

Jaime Cabot, massage therapist, graduated from Ohio College of Massotherapy in 2003. She has over a decade of experience and provides a whole body approach to her wellness practice. Jaime offers a unique combination of therapeutic and specialty treatments throughout her massages including infrared sauna, hot stones and essential oils. Massage Therapy can enhance your life by decreasing the effects of mental, emotional and physical stress on your body no matter what your age, profession or physical condition.

Whether you are experiencing stress, tension, back pain, headaches, low energy, plantar fasciitis or even cellulite… look forward to feeling relaxed, revived and renewed!

  • $60 for 60 min session
  • $90 for 90 min session
  • $120 for 120 min session
  • Prices include sauna, hot stone, and essential oils depending on needs of patient

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