BEER! The beverage of choice for most St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or festivities. The variety of beer to choose from always seems endless to me. There are dark, amber, light beers – IPAs, stouts, porters, lagers, etc. The list goes on. All varieties of beer delicious and brewed with the purpose to be enjoyed.

The trouble may arise if you are being health conscious and want to enjoy a drink to celebrate without having to worry about sabotaging your waistline.

Have no fear! Vitality Health has done some beer research for you (don’t worry, we wouldn’t drink any of these beers without our readers – we researched their nutrition content only).

Counting Calories:

If you are looking for low calorie options, Yuengling Light Lager takes first place with only 99 calories. I agree with Yuengling, even though it is a light beer, it still has the full flavor of a traditional Lager. Those who enjoy a fuller body, darker beer option Guinness Original Stout, has only 125 calories—which was surprising to me as a dark beer connoisseur. This beer has been around for over 200 years and you cannot go wrong with an Irish brewed beer on St. Patrick’s Day! If you enjoy a sweeter brew, Abita Purple Haze takes third place with 128 calories. Purple Haze is brewed with raspberries, which gives it a refreshing and sweeter taste than light beers or lagers. One last low calorie option would be Rolling Rock Extra Pale Premium Beer with 130 calories per serving.

Counting Carbs:

  1. Yuengling Light Lager takes first place in low carb beers too! Only 8.5grams (g) of Carbohydrates per serving.
  2. Rolling Rock comes in second place with 9.8g
  3. Guinness Original Stout is third with 9.9g
  4. Abita Purple Haze is fourth with 11g

If you enjoy Cleveland-area local micro-brews, Fat Head’s Pale Ale beat out Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Conway’s Irish Ale for low calorie options, while Great Lakes was 1g of Carbohydrates less than Fat Head’s Pale Ale. (Fat Head’s Pale Ale – 150 cal; 20g carbs & Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale – 201 cal; 19g carbs)

This St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re drinking beer, please drink responsibly, don’t drive, and choose a healthier beer to help you maintain your health and wellness goals.

Vitality Health does not promote consuming alcohol if you’re under the legal drinking age, pregnant, have a family history of alcoholism, have liver disease, taking medications that would interfere with alcohol consumption, or if you have been told not to consume alcohol by your physician. Consuming excess alcohol can lead to unwanted health conditions or addiction. The recommended serving size of alcohol is 1 – 12 fl oz of beer (5% alcohol); 8-9 fl oz of malt liquor (7% alcohol); 5 fl oz table wine (12% alcohol); 1.5 fl oz shot of 80-proof liquor (40% alcohol).