As the month of love is upon us, it’s a great time to focus on your relationship, and your physical health is a huge contributor to that. Studies show many couples tend to gain weight after marriage, but that doesn’t mean companionship forces you to keep those love handles. Getting healthy together can boost your confidence as individuals and as a couple, give you both more energy, and help you connect with your partner as you motivate each other toward a common goal. Here are five health tips for couples to be lean and in love.

Bond over breakfast.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it jump starts your metabolism and regulates your caloric intake for later meals. Start the day off right with a healthy meal, put away your smartphones, and take the opportunity to chat with your partner while nourishing your body first thing in the morning.

Be partners in fitness.
Find a common exercise or two you both enjoy — biking, walking, tennis, hiking, etc — and work it into your fitness routine. You don’t have to pressure yourself to do every workout together or you might make each other crazy, but finding activities you both like not only keep you fit and give you endorphins, they also provide you with happy time devoted to yourselves as a couple.

Plan your meals together.
One of the best benefits of getting healthy as a team is you can plan your meals together to meet both of your goals and keep you both eating well. Sit down at the beginning of the week and plan out your menu. You can even divide out who is cooking which night so you’re more likely to stick with it and less likely to cave and make poor eating decisions.

Show physical affection.
A healthy sexual relationship is an important component to relationships, but did you know it actually helps your health personally as well? It lowers blood pressure, improves women’s bladder control, promotes heart health, reduces pain, decreases men’s risk of prostate cancer, lowers stress, and improves sleep. Oh, and did we mention is also counts as exercise?

Compliment each other.
There are few things better than feeling loved and appreciated by your significant other, so pour out the affection! Tell each other in person, leave love notes, or even a random text in the middle of the day boosts confidence and affection.

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