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Medical Screening Exams

Includes physical exam, labs, electrocardiogram, body composition, and thyroid screening

Weight Loss Programs

These are physician-guided weight loss programs to motivate you and show you the healthy way to shed lbs

Men’s Health Services

This includes testosterone replacement therapy and treatment for erectile dysfunction. We know men!

Health Coaching

Personalized coaching around your health and lifestyle. We tailor something specifically for you to reach your health goals./p>

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Experience The Difference

Companies of all sizes have come to find proactive health benefits from a Corporate Wellness Program is a low cost benefit that has a huge return in employee retention, satisfaction, and performance. The ROI for an employee wellness program can be as high as 6:1 with an average of $3.27 for every dollar spent.

At Vitality Health we offer services that can help alleviate some of the major risk factors that can cause certain employees to cost employers 228% more than their counterparts. Read more about these here.

Join the league of employers who offer a wellness benefit that can make an immediate and long-term impact on your organization. With offerings to help individuals achieve their personal wellness such as physician-guided weight loss, tobacco cessation, men’s health and testosterone replacement therapy, anti-aging treatments, and more, we have group membership rates you and your employees will benefit from.

About Vitality Health’s Corporate Wellness Programs


We Offer:

  • Medical screening exams: This includes physical exam, laboratory testing such as glucose levels, lipid studies, inflammatory markers, blood counts and testosterone levels, electrocardiogram, body composition evaluation, and thyroid disease screening
  • Physician-guided weight loss programs
  • Employee education and counseling
  • Men’s health services including testosterone replacement therapy and treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Other services available – Wellness has to be more than just blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Depression and stress are major sources of lost productivity.
    • Medical laser services for the removal of spider veins and areas of hyperpigmentation
    • Laser hair removal services
    • Botox and filler treatments

We work directly with your company to develop a comprehensive, personalized plan tailored to the needs of your employees. We are members of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and all treatment is specialized, personalized and under the direction of a board certified physician. Treatments are medically supported with well-respected scientific research and FDA-approved medications.

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